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Art clinic

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Mon, 7 Sep 2015 20:00

Location WerkStadt, Emser Straße 124, 12051 Berlin

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Art Clinic 7. September

Kritik- und Feedbackrunde für Bildende Künstler

This time with Ulrich VOGL, und Agnès AUBAGUE, ART CLINIC is a monthly exchange platform for emerging and professional visual artists of all mediums. It is a space where artists can present their work in an informal setting, which hopes to foster reflection and development of one's own practice through feedback, critique, and support.





“Extension of drawing”, already both the title of a catalog as well as a solo exhibition of Ulrich Vogl‘s, can be viewed as the leitmotif of the artist’s work, in recent years the artist’s focus has nevertheless actually been on “drawing and light”, on working with projections, shadows, movement, and drawing. Many of his precisely thought-out conceptual and experimental works are in constant motion despite exuding an almost contemplative tranquility. The individual works create a space all of their own, with a likewise individual temporality, which “creates room” for the personal experience of the given viewer. The works cast an enchantment, all the while never concealing the simplicity of their genesis.





"Le Bureau claims only one thing, it is that He works. He indeed works on the implementation of artistic actions and he displays on all the supports(media) which justify him.
Le Bureau conceives objects, collects them, appropriates, hijacks them for the creation of its working universe. Always in search of places and encounters, the walk is imperative upon him as a necessity of opening, curiosity and discovery.
The burology is an inaccurate science which obliges the burologue to ask himself the question: what an ideal office ? By the staging of the burology theory, in particular in minimal interventions, Le Bureau allows a poetic experience thanks to an active and critical look. Le Bureau tries the metamorphosis of ordinary laborious."