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Arts Union


The WerkStadt Arts Union is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of cooperative art concepts, practices, discourse, and learning. In 2008 WerkStadt started providing affordable workshop and studio space to active artists, and since then has expanded to three facilities across Berlin-Neukölln, each with a different focus.


As an exhibition space, the WerkStadt has presented a wide spectrum of contemporary projects in over 120 artist interventions and experiments. Both local and international collaborations have sent our ideas and art exhibitions to public institutions and artist-run project spaces throughout Berlin, as well as beyond the borders of the European Union. We regularly hold events ranging from concerts, film screenings, and discussion forums to experimental performances and modest theatrical productions. In different iterations, it has also been a community meeting place for people interested in a collective progression in the arts and the urban culture of Berlin. Additionally, members have been continually active in networks and associations advocating for space for artists, budgets for independent project spaces, and community access to the arts in this cultural capital called Berlin.